Indrajeet Ghorpade

Hailing from the illustrious Ghorpade family.
A MARHATTA WARRIOR CLAN settled in the Deccan for over 700 years.

The Gajendragad branch are one on many branches of Ghorpades’, from where my roots are and the deep and passionate love for nature, wildlife and the natural world began. Having been brought up and living in the long shadows cast by tall and respected Gurus, I was fortunate to learn from the best.

Witnessing first hand the drastic decline and vanishing wildlife, we initiated DCF in 2016, to address issues and concerns, sensitize stakeholders. And spread the message of the need to conserve,
preserve and protect the last wild spaces, in a human dominated, isolated, fragmented and degraded Deccan. We owe to our children as custodians, guardians, protectors and trustees to
safeguard our natural world for future generations to witness the biodiversity and amazing wildlife we are blessed with.

This is my vision for the Deccan and my mission in life that I will pursue passionately.



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